Saan Verdanté

Grand Terrace Apartments

Style and luxury blended together to offer the most fulfilling living experience.

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Gurgaon’s first Terraced hill apartments, Verdanté by SAAN, boasts of independent private terraces equivalent to a typical ground floor front lawn right up till the 24th floor.

There are 60 such apartments of 3 & 4 bedrooms each, providing ideal spaces for contemporary ideas. Open your door to a fresh new beginning every day. With a private terrace, you can enjoy the early morning sun and relish the cool breeze or exercise your way to a healthy lifestyle.

The private terraces provide a relaxed environment for rejuvenation, celebration and just about anything your heart desires!


In keeping with SAAN Group’s vision of building unique and novel spaces where you can create a realm of your own, the private terraced deck offers a perfect place to unwind, be it in solitude or in the company of your near and dear ones.

Verdanté boasts of a private deck for every terraced apartment.

Let your life sail smoothly. The terraced deck provides you a perfect place where you can enjoy the sunset and relish your favorite drink.